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April 28, 2016
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Hello from the rainy Applegate Valley ! We just launched our new website – let us know what you think. Over the next month we will transition our test results from the current google folder to simple links on the website . Our companies go above and beyond Compliance lab results, offering a full Cannabinoid profile, Terpenes, Residual Solvents, and Extended Pesticides analysis for every product. These are examples of the extra steps we take to ensure that your customers get clean medicine. So from now on, just check our website for all the new test results.


We also have a new video up! You can watch on our website or on our YouTube Channel here, and we recommend changing the quality settings to HD before you watch: . We’ll be documenting our farm season and all the exciting new changes to our lab and extract line. We’ll be updating with videos a few times each month, please let us know what you think!


As you may know, OM Extracts is now on the pending processor list for Oregon: . This means we are able to process and sell all of our products (concentrates AND extracts), and that all dispensaries are allowed to sell extracts (made from hydrocarbons) from us and anyone on their list. We are running as much as we are able, and recommend that dispensaries pre-order specific quantities of products.


ALL CBD FLOWER IS NOW ON A PERMANENT PRICE DROP! We know how important CBD medicine is, and want to offer a lower price to meet the needs of the medical/recreational community.

We are now offering all our sugar wax as “OM Extracts Gold” instead of Gold or Silver. We also have a special on April’s ‘strain of the month’ THC flower: Pineapple! Here is the current list of what’s available 4/27/2016:


OM Farms Greenhouse (Clean Green Certified) Flower:

Pricing for Half Pound, Pound, RAW cone (1gram, all nug):

Blackberry Cheesecake (Batch #2233-032816-1, THC 20.58%, CBD 0.76%)

Chem Sour (Batch #319-113015-3, THC 21.1%, CBD 1.59%)

Durban Poison (Batch #416-030716-1, THC 21.64%, CBD 2.65%)

Grapefruit Sour (Batch #74194-031416-1, THC 18.88%, CBD 0.78%)

Orange Peach Black Frost (Batch #151626-032816-1, THC 14.25%, CBD 0.93%)

Pineapple GDP (Batch #3169-032816-1, THC 18.27%, CBD 1.06%)

Pineapple SLHB (Batch #1619-113015-1, THC 17.95%, CBD 1.45%)

Rocky Mt Tangie (Batch #1820-032816-1, THC 18.73%, CBD 0.84%)

Sour Diesel (Batch #194-113015-5, CBD 22.26%, CBD 0.66%)


OM Farms Greenhouse (Clean Green Certified) Discount Flower:

Discount Pricing for Half Pound, Pound, RAW cone (1gram, all nug):

Cannatonic (Batch #03-113015-4, THC 10.46%, CBD 14.46%)

Harle-Tsu (Batch #820-113015-2, THC 0.84%, CBD 13.64%)

Sour Tsu (Batch #1920-032816-1, THC 5.94%, CBD 13.19%)

Pineapple (Batch #16-032816-1, THC 17.51%, CBD 0.77%)


OM Extracts SOS (Southern Oregon Sap) 1mL , 3mL  :

Cannatonic (Batch #03-010116-3, THC 34.58%, CBD 45.48%)

SD Cannatonic (Batch #3194-123115-3, THC 40.62%, CBD 33.92%)

SD Chem Sour (Batch #194319-123115-4, THC 66.15%, CBD 9.09%)


OM Extracts Gold :

Dream Lotus (Batch #412-012516-3, THC 86.04%, CBD 1.34%)

Grapefruit (Batch #1913-022615-1, THC 76.06% CBD 2.74%)

Headband (Batch #82-011316-1, THC 85.57% CBD 0.39%)

Ogre (Batch #57185-122515-6,  THC 82.96% CBD 1.56%)

Sour Diesel (Batch #1949-122915-2, THC 79.96% CBD 1.37%)


Find us on Instagram @OMExtracts and @OMFarms to see our new packaging, products, and our farms. Have a great day!

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OM Extracts

March 28, 2016
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OM Extracts unveils the medicinal values of Cannabis.

OM Extracts is an award-winning laboratory, known for developing the highest quality cannabis extract products. Utilizing CO2 supercritical extraction as well as Butane and Propane extraction processes, OM Extracts unveils the medicinal values of Cannabis. Working with top-quality material from OM Farms and neighboring farms, OM Extracts offers a wide range of high-THC, high-CBD, and terpene-rich concentrates. OM Extracts recently won “Best Processor” in the 2016 DOPE Industry Awards. We entered two Cannabis competitions in 2015, winning awards in both of them. At the 2015 DOPE Cup, the pre-eminent cannabis competition in Oregon, OM Extracts won 1st Place in the High-CBD CO2 category, and a 2nd Place in the High-THC CO2 category.  In the 2015 Bend Concentrate Cup, OM Extracts claimed a 2nd Place finish for our Sour Diesel in the Propane Hash Oil (PHO) category.
5 Closeup of OM Extracts - Alien Sour


Propane extraction of live plant material, considered by many to be the highest quality hydrocarbon extraction produced in the OME lab. It ranges in consistency from a sugar wax to a pull-snap and tends to be light yellow to orange in color. A broader spectrum of terpenes are usually present in our live resin extracts than our dry PHO extracts. Currently Live Resin extracts are produced seasonally , in small batches, with the intention of showcasing the full flavors of Cannabis. This product is intended to be ingested as a smokable.


Propane Hash Oil extraction of dry plant material, including both cannabis trim and flowers. PHO extracts range in consistency from a sugar wax to a CBD-rich sap. Terpene content will often surpass 2.00%, but has surpassed 4.00%.


Butane Hash Oil extraction of dry plant material, including both cannabis trim and flowers. BHO extracts range in consistency from a shatter to a ‘pull and snap’. This is a specialty product we create for certain clients.


Southern Oregon Sap or SOS. This is a highly flavorful decarboxylated and dewaxed cannabinoid rich sap, intended to be ingested as either a smokable or an edible. We make a hydrocarbon extraction (PHO or BHO) then winterize it with Organic Grapeseed Alcohol. Made with only the highest quality cannabis flowers and trim , we never add any flavors or terpenes. This product is decarboxylated for use as an edible, which means it assists the body in the rapid uptake of cannabinoids. However, the flavor is wonderful, and it can be ingested as a smokable or dabbable as well. This is an excellent lower-priced alternative to RSO.


We start with the extraction of our freshly grown flower in our Super-Critical Fluid Extraction system. Through our in-lab production processes we eventually yield a brightly colored, flavorful, and potent cannabinoid rich oil. Our CO2 Serum , as we refer to it, contains high levels of activated THC Delta-9. This product is made without any hydrocarbons. This makes it great for use as both a smokable, dabbable and an edible product.
This is an excellent alternative to RSO.


Fully Activated Cannabis Oil (FACO). A translucent amber colored, fully decarboxylated sap, with the majority of terpenes (flavors) removed. This product is not dissimilar to the SOS in appearance, although it is nearly flavorless. We make a hydrocarbon extraction (PHO or BHO) then winterize it with Organic Sugarcane Alcohol. Suggested use as an edible , but can be smoked or dabbed as well. Our intention with this product is to supply a safe, affordable, and consistent cannabinoid-rich product to anyone who desires it. This is an excellent lower-priced alternative to RSO.


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Who Are We

March 28, 2016
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Grown from a philosophy of whole-body wellness and following our Dharmic path, OM Farms and OM Extracts launched in 2015 with a mission of nourishing people, enhancing our environment, and growing more life. Our companies OM Farms, LLC and OM Extracts, LLC are located in Southwest Oregon’s Applegate valley, in the wetter Northern edge of the “Emerald Triangle”.

OM Farms: growing mindful medicine for the people

OM Extracts: formulating mindful medicine for the people

In the fertile hills of the Applegate Valley, OM Farms (OMF) grows the new paradigm by making clean medicine based on family values. OMF Cannabis flowers are Clean Green Certified and free of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, and these crops are processed by OM Extracts (OME). When other farms contribute plant material, the OME owner and lab manager ensure that the material quality and purity aligns with company standards and ethics. Utilizing proprietary laboratory techniques, OME unveils the medicinal values and benefits of Cannabis.

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Om Farms

March 28, 2016
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_OM Extracts - Dharma Farms - purpleOM Farms is a Clean Green Certified Cannabis farm, utilizing organic farming principles to grow healthy soil and protect our watershed while we grow our crops. Our farms are in Southern Oregon in the Applegate Valley at 1500’ elevation, with an ideal climate for producing top-quality Cannabis outdoors and in greenhouses. Once we receive our recreational Cannabis permit (currently in the application phase), we will nearly double our outdoor growing canopy size to 40,000 square feet. OM Farms consistently produces high quality Cannabis, selling dozens of flower strains in bulk (pounds), pre-packaged jars, and joints to dispensaries. We are proud to grow a diversity of food and medicine crops in an abundant polyculture.


“Clean Green Certified” Cannabis Flowers grown by OMF, sparkling with potent resin glands. Produced in the heart of the Applegate Valley, our cannabis flowers are blessed with abundant Southern Oregon sunshine and a year round supply of clean water sourced from the snow-capped mountains high above our fields. Never any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers! Greenhouse and Outdoor Grown, we strive to produce a wide variety of cannabis strains with flowers rich in Terpenes, THC, and CBD. We promote the power and the unmatchable quality of sun grown cannabis, as it allows us to be responsible stewards of our Earth.


Pre-rolled RAW cones of our finest fresh ground flowers. Selected OMF flowers, trimmed, ground, and packed by hand with equal parts compassion and gratitude .

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OM Farms

OM Farms